Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ilocos Road Trip - the Bangui Windmills

Another place in Ilocos Norte where we just had to stop and enjoy the view (to the consternation of the others who were with us in a convoy), the Bangui Windmills. Each one stands over 20 stories high and I understand provides around 40% of electric power in the province. This was taken from a view deck on a hill just before Bangui from Laoag. Apart from providing power, it has become a tourist attraction as well. My new friends from Laoag highly recommended this stop. We were on a tight sched with the others with us, so we had to be content with viewing the windmills from afar. Another place I didn't think I could find in my own country, the view was overwhelming to say the least - it took a while to absorb the view. One more proof that you don't have to go very far to enjoy being a tourist, this entire trip was done via land :-)

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