Monday, September 11, 2006

"Su-tu-kil" ordered at Mactan Cebu

This one was in a recent business trip down south. Mactan island is located right next to Cebu and the two islands are connected via two bridges. When in Cebu, one of the many things one should do is enjoy a "Su-tu-kil" meal.

"Su-tu-kil" is a Cebuano combination of "Sugba" which literally means to broil; "Tula," which means to cook in tamarind broth or "siningang" in Tagalog; and "Kilawin," raw seafood (usually) that is "cooked" in vinegar & spices. When you mention "sutukil" to any taxi driver in Cebu, they'll bring you to the Lapu-lapu shrine. Lapu-lapu is recognized as the Mactan chieftain who fought & killed Magellan the explorer. Around the shrine are the "Sutukil" eateries. Before getting a table, you get to pick seafood that you want to eat & how you want it cooked - the top three ways are, you guessed it, "Su-tu-kil".

These restos are usually "native" or very Filipino in ambience, some have an upper floor that gives a view of the mangroves there, not to mention fresh sea air. My favorite resto there is Manna. There, you've got to try their steamed Lapu-lapu cooked Chinese style. Of course, the sizzling seafoods (squid, tanguigue or blue marlin) are a must try as well. The Kilawin (tanguigue or clam) is a great starter. And me, well, I've always enjoyed a plate of "lato" or seaweed with a dash of diced onions, ginger, garlic & vinegar.

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