Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ilocos Road Trip Part 4 - the roads

One of the great things in a road trip in Ilocos Norte are the roads itself. They're comparable to the quality that the NLEX people are hyping about. As a driver, its literally a breeze driving through these roads plus it gives you some comfort that your vehicle's suspension system won't be put to the test. Of course, going back to Manila, its the different story at Urdaneta =P

Apart from the road quality, you have got to admire the scenery while in Ilocos. The vast sea on one side and the green farmlands, mountains, forests on the other. While it's very tempting to just speed up because of the good roads, you really have to slow down, stop every so often & enjoy the view. Trust me, you won't regret it. Nevermind the extended travel time =)

The shot above we took while on a pit stop using zoom lens. It's one of those road scenes you hope would turn out great as a photo and I think we captured it pretty well.

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